About Us

About Us

A Journey of Passion and Excellence


About Us

Capital IIT is the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) chapter of PAN IIT, a non-profit U.S. body that represents the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) alumni. We welcome all professionals, IIT alumnus or otherwise! While we are located in the Washington Metropolitan area, we welcome members and sponsors from beyond these geographic borders. Participants of our association include entrepreneurs, members of academia, business leaders as well as young professionals. Their combined contribution to the economy, to society and to the field of research and technology is enormous. To further this trend of Giving Back, it is our mission to provide a forum for communication, technology collaboration and professional mentorship activities for our members and sponsors.

Since its founding in 1999, Capital IIT has brought together the IITians, who share a common pride and privilege of having been a part of the premier Institute – IIT. Thanks to its founding members, Capital IIT has successfully gone through the growing pains. In June of 2002, Capital IIT was registered as a Non-profit, 501 (c) – 3 Corporation in Washington, DC. Last, and yet the most important piece is our Social Events that helps in building the fabric of friendship and trust. At these Social Events, we always keep the doors open for the professionals, visiting faculties, entrepreneurs, promoters of a social cause and our sponsors. We have strong ties to PanIIT organizations and other local chapters in the USA.


The Key to Innovation


Capital IIT Alumni Organization’s vision is to be one of the most influential IIT chapters by providing superior alumni services, advocating the IIT brand across different parts of the global society and undertaking activities that reflect the upcoming changes influencing the global landscape of a “Flat World”.

We connect with the Alumni and the outside professional world through.
  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Stimulate “Creative Thinking”, “Strategic Projects”
  • Forge Business Partnerships
  • Giving Back to the society


Creating Lasting Impact


  • Offer a common forum for Integrating Alumni with collaborative services through social and professional events
  • Provide a platform for Advocacy and the opportunity to express alumni views on the governance of the IITs, offer opinions on matters pertaining to business, education, the environment and such other global matters that will enhance the future of all members of the IIT community.
  • Manage, enhance and protect the “IIT Brand” that supports the highest standards in education and the spirit of giving back to the communities in which we live.


Strategic Goals

  • Create Capital IIT Portal to offer multiple touches with the Alumni and others. Use it as the platform to create two-way communication with all Professionals
  • Create a Dynamic Program schedule to attract professionals. Execute a wide range of “events” or “campaigns” to cater to a  diverse Alumni base
  • Increase Memberships to 1000+
            Active         300+
            Periodic      200+
            Laid Back   500

  •   Recruit 4-6 active Sponsors

  • Maintain regular connections with the “influential” entities in the Area to advance the Capital IIT charter

2008 Plan
  •  Major networking opportunities for Alumni & other Professionals
  • Offer Guest Lecture Series with Business Leaders from various industries
  • Push marketing through Portal – connect professionals with similar interests
  • Create “Chartered” membership $200/year
  • Create “Patrons” – $1000/year  (Distinguished Alumni and Business Leaders)



Affiliated Organizations

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